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Yoga session in Argentine National Congress (November 2, 2022)

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The Embassy of India in Buenos Aires organized a Yoga and meditation session in the Argentine National Congress for legislators and other members of the Congress on 02 November 2022.

The session was joined by Mr. Luis Di Giacomo, President of the Commission on Disability and Mr. Fabián Borda, Secretary of the Economics and Regional Development Commission. Also present were over 40 members of staff of the Congress.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Giacomo & Mr. Borda addressed the Congressmen and staff members and underlined the growing influence of Yoga in Argentina while also welcoming the initiative from the Embassy.

Ambassador Dinesh Bhatia spoke about the recent measures taken to popularize Yoga in Argentina, including Yoga capacitation courses launched in Argentine Federal Prisons, City Police, the academies of Buenos Aires Provincial police and Argentine Federal Police, among others. He also sought official recognition for practice of Yoga.

Swami Prembhava Saraswati, yoga professor at Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, gave a discourse on the Satyananda tradition of Yoga, principles of yogic life and its relevance in today´s times. Her talk was followed by a short meditation session

The event began with “Natesha Koutvam”, a Bharatnatyam dance performance by Ms. Natalia Salgado, Director of Indian cultural center “Gungur, Indian Fine Arts”, invoking Lord Shiva. The event concluded with a sitar recital by Argentine artist Mario Perkins, trained in Indian classical music for over 30 years.

Buenos Aires

November 2, 2022