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Embassy of India Buenos Aires accepts passport applications online (through internet) only through the official website: https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/

All passport services, including issue of new passport, changes in passport etc. will be applied through this link only. In case the security warning appears on the computer while opening the above link, please ignore the warning and continue ahead. Through this link the applicants can also see the status of their applications.

Applicants are advised to apply for passport services through this link and take a print of the on line application, paste photograph, sign on the first (beside the photograph), second and the third pages. Complete the remaining columns by answering all other columns in writing. Enclose required documents and submit it within 30 days in the Embassy along with the prescribed fee. If the application is entered online before 5 PM, it can be submitted the next day or later (within 30 days). However, if the application is entered online after 5 PM, it can be submitted NEXT-to-NEXT day or later (within 30 days).

The Embassy does NOT follow appointment system for passport services. Please ignore the appointments given by the passport services application system. The applicants should visit the Embassy on working days, during hours specified in the Working Hours section of this website.

Passports are issued by the embassy in the following situations

  • The validity of the existing passport has expired or is likely to expire in next one year.
  • A child is born to an Indian parent, and the birth of the child has been registered at the Embassy. (Such registration should normally be done within 1 year of birth of the child, otherwise delays may be expected.)
  • Any change is to be made in the passport, such as change in name, address, spouse's name, photograph etc. In principle, any change in the laminated part of the passport will require issue of a new passport.
  • The existing passport is lost, stolen or damaged.

Note: as per the latest instructions, police verification is compulsory before renewal/issuance of a passport in respect of all passport applicants who have not been resident abroad continuously for the last 5 years, at the time of applying for renewal/issuance of a passport.  In all other cases also, police verification, post renewal/issuance of passport, is compulsory. Therefore, all passport applicants may please submit “pp form” in duplicate, duly filled in and photograph affixed for police verification. They may also submit documentary proof of residing abroad continuously for the last 5 years at the time of submitting the application in the embassy of India, Buenos Aires for renewal of passport.  Copy of documents such as a permanent residence, work permit, permanent visa, DNI/cédula, etc., for the last 5 years, may be submitted for justifying the continuous stay abroad along with the passport renewal application.

Additional requirements

  • A print of the online Application form completely filled and signed by the applicant and 1 photo pasted in the correct box.
  • 2 recent photographs and the Argentine/Uruguay/Paraguay resident card/status of the applicant.
  • The existing passport, if any, along with PHOTOCOPY of the first and last pages of the passport.
  • All photocopies self-attested.  

In case of a lost passport, police report of loss of passport, a sworn affidavit regarding the loss of passport, and the photocopy of the lost passport should be submitted. If the photocopy of the lost passport is not available, any other document issued to the applicant in India such as driving License, ration card, voters Identity Card, etc. could be submitted.

If the passport is requested for a child, who has not been issued passport earlier, a copy of child's birth registration at the Embassy should be submitted. The application (Annex ‘H’) should be signed by both parents. Photocopy of passports of parents should also be submitted.

In case of reissue of passport for a minor, copy of the applicant's passport, copies of parents passport, copies of applicant and parent's resident cards and the original passport of the applicant should be submitted.

If the passport is needed due to change in appearance, a sworn affidavit for change of appearance should be submitted, and the personal particulars form should also be filled and submitted.

If the passport is needed due to change in the Indian address, a general sworn affidavit should be produced. A document from Village or Block or District Authorities to prove the change of address should also be produced. This document should be duly attested by the Home Department, General Administration of the concerned State and apostilled by Consular section, Ministry of External Affairs, CPV Division, Patiala House, Tilak Marg, New Delhi.

For inclusion of name of spouse in the passport, authenticated / apostilled marriage certificate along with a photocopy of it should be submitted.

If the passport is needed due to change in name, cuttings of two leading newspapers (one in India and the other in Argentina) carrying advertisement notifying the change of name and asking for any objection thereof to be reported to Embassy of India, Buenos Aires, Argentina within 30 days of the publication, should be submitted. The applicant should also submit a general sworn affidavit.

Note: The above mentioned sworn affidavits should be signed in the presence of the Consular Official of the Embassy.

Please note that passport booklets are no longer being issued. In all cases, where a new booklet used to be issued earlier, now a new passport will be issued.

Processing Time

Time Taken for the Service If the previous passport was issued at Embassy of India, Buenos Aires, the new passport is delivered within 45 days of accepting the application with all the necessary document.

However, if the previous passport was not issued at Embassy of India, Buenos Aires, it may take longer to issue the new passport.