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Embassy of India Buenos Aires accepts passport applications online (through internet) only through the official website.


All passport services, including issue of new passport, changes in passport etc. will be applied through this link only. In case the security warning appears on the computer while opening the above link, please ignore the warning and continue ahead. Through this link the applicants can also see the status of their applications.

Applicants are requested to carefully read the step by step instruction before filling the application: Instructions


Applicants are advised to apply for passport services through this link and take a print of the on-line application, paste photograph (5x5cm and white background) and hand over a second copy, sign on the first (beside the photograph), second and the third pages. Minors should put left thumb impression on the column for signatures. Parents should not sign in that space. Complete the remaining columns by answering all other columns in writing. Enclose required documents and submit it within 30 days in the Embassy along with the prescribed fee.

Regarding the photograph uploading FAQs, please go to Photograph upload - FAQs


Passports are issued by the embassy in the following situations:

·         The validity of the existing passport has expired or is likely to expire in next one year.

·         Any change is to be made in the passport, such as change in name, address, spouse's name, photograph etc. In principle, any change in the laminated part of the passport will require issue of a new passport.

·         The existing passport is lost, stolen or damaged.

The Embassy does NOT follow appointment system for passport services. Please ignore the appointments given by the passport services application system. The applicants should visit the Embassy on working days, during hours specified in the Working Hours section of this website.


Note: As per the latest instructions, police verification is compulsory before renewal/issuance of a passport in respect of all passport applicants who have not been resident abroad continuously for the last 5 years, at the time of applying for renewal/issuance of a passport.  In all other cases also, police verification, post renewal/issuance of passport, is compulsory. Applicants may also submit documentary proof of residing abroad continuously for the last 5 years at the time of submitting the application in the Embassy of India, Buenos Aires for renewal of passport.


Documents Required





Document Required

Common Documents


Passport Reissue

Expiry within 3 years


1. Application form

2. Original Passport and self attested copy with endorsement and observation pages.

3. Residence proof (DNI/Cedula/Residencia)

4. 2 Recent Photos (5cmx5cm, white background)

5. Applicable Fee.


Lost passport

Police Report of stolen passport with full details, Annexure F, Undertaking for duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport, Applicant to come in person


Passport expired for over 1 year

Affidavit M


Change of ECR status

Copy of diploma (Grade 10 and above)/Professional Degree/ Proof of permanent residence


In case of Minor Applicant

Original and self attested copies of Parents' passport, Application form signed by both parents, Declaration for change of appearance, Annexure C (In case of single parent), Annexure D (signed and filled by both parents)


Minor changes in laminated pages (splitting of name, change of signature, change of appearance, Change of address)

Annexure O, Supporting document (mandatory in case of change of address)


Name change subsequent to Marriage/Divorce/ Re-marriage/Death of spouse etc

Original and Copy of Spouse Passport, Original and Self attested copy of marriage certificate, Divorce decree (for name change subsequent to divorce), Death certificate of spouse (for name change after death of spouse), Copy of divorce/death certificate with former spouse along with marriage certificate and passport copy of present spouse (in case of remarriage)


Minor correction (spelling), Rearrangement in Name

At least 2 latest public/school documents with desired name


Name changes other than above/ Married woman reverting to maiden name when not divorced or widowed

Original cutting of advertisements given in 2 prominent newspaper (one in place of residence in host country and the other in area of permanent residence in India), Annexure E


Addition/Deletion of Spouse name

Original and self attested copy of marriage certificate, Divorce decree/ death certificate of spouse (In case of deletion), Both marriage certificate and dicorce/death certificate (In case of remarriage)

In case of a lost passport, police report of loss of passport, a sworn affidavit regarding the loss of passport, and the photocopy of the lost passport should be submitted. If the photocopy of the lost passport is not available, any other document issued to the applicant in India such as driving License, ration card, voters Identity Card, etc. could be submitted.

Affidavits & Annexures: Click Here

Processing Time

If the previous passport was issued at Embassy of India, Buenos Aires, the new passport can take up to 45 days of accepting the application with all the necessary document. However, if the previous passport was not issued at Embassy of India, Buenos Aires, it may take longer to issue the new passport.