About Us FAQ Visas

1. Where and how to apply for a Tourist Visa? 

To apply for a Tourist visa there are two options: apply for an E-visa or Regular/Paper Visa through the Embassy of India.

2. Can I get a visa on arrival to enter India?

No, you need to obtain a visa before boarding a flight to India.

3. I want to visit India for tourism/to attend a friend's marriage/ to meet my friends. Which visa should I apply for?

You should apply for a Tourist Visa.

4. I will be changing flights/airports in India to travel to my final destination (Nepal, Thailand, etc.) Do I need a visa to change flights/airport terminals?

You need to apply for a transit visa if you are going to change airports such as from international terminal to domestic terminal in India or if you are going to stay in an airport hotel even for a few hours. You don't need a transit visa if you stay in the waiting area reserved for international transit passengers in an Indian airport. To apply for Transit visa, you must have a confirmed air ticket for the onward journey.

5. I will travel at a much later date. Can my visa be issued to coincide with the date of travel?

No, post-dated visas cannot be issued. The validity of the visa begins from the date of issue.

6. I will be going to India for work/employment along with my family. Which visa should I apply for my family? Would my children be able to study in India?

Your family must apply for entry visas in case they are accompanying you on your stay in India for employment. Your children will be able to secure admission in schools/colleges in India once they have been granted entry visas. Kindly note that you have to undergo mandatory registration formalities at the nearest office of the Foreigners Regional Registration Office/Foreigners Registration Office within 14 days of your arrival in India, if you are planning to stay in the country for a period longer than 180 days.

7. Do I need a visa for my pet which is accompanying me on my visit to India?

Visa is not required for taking a pet to India but certain customs and vaccination-related regulations have to be complied with. Kindly consult your airline/travel agent for details of these regulations and necessary documentation to facilitate carriage of a pet to India.

8. How do I pay for the regular visa fee charges?

Visa fee can be paid only in cash and in Argentine pesos.

9. Will I be allowed to carry liquor to India?

Yes. However, in case you are planning to travel to the State of Gujarat, you will be required to obtain an online e-permit from the Government of Gujarat. Please see Gujarat Prohibition website: http://eps.gpeonline.co.in/. After arrival, applicant is required to show original documents like passport in the liquor shop along with the receipt of his online submission for issue of a liquor permit. Please check with your airline for other restrictions on alcohol.

10. Do all the applicants need to be present at the time of submitting an application?

Yes. An application can be sent by a third person as long as it is signed by the applicant and the same is younger than 12 years old or older than 70 years old. Applications are NOT received through courier or post.

11. I wish to visit certain areas in India like Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland etc. Does my tourist visa allow me to visit these areas?

A tourist visa is not sufficient to visit all regions in India as some of the places are designated as restricted/protected areas. Special Restricted/Protected Area Permits (RAP/PAP) are necessary to visit these places. These permits can be obtained in India either from the Ministry of Home Affairs or FRRO concerned after entering India with a tourist visa. Further details can be found at the website: http://boi.gov.in/content/restricted-protected-area.