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Registration of birth of a minor child at an Indian Embassy under section 4(1) of the citizenship act, 1955

Eligibility Criteria

A person may submit an application for registration of birth of his minor child born outside India in terms of sub-section(1) of section 4 in Form I to the Indian consulate in the country, where such child was born, together with a declaration that the child does not hold the passport of any other country.

Birth registration of Children eligible for Indian nationality

1. For a child born in Argentina and Uruguay to be registered as an Indian citizen, the application is to be made online. For detailed information, applicants are requested to visit the website of Ministry of Home Affairs at web link: Click Here

2. After filling-in the application online, the hard copy (printout) of the online application needs to be signed by the parents and the signed application form needs to be submitted at the Embassy of India Buenos Aires if the applicant (s) reside within the consular jurisdiction of Argentina and Uruguay along with other prescribed documents in original, a self-attested photocopy set of prescribed documents and the prescribed fee. For this service, applicants have to apply in Person. For applicants who cannot be present in person, original passports of both parents must be sent along with other documents

How to Apply

Go to Ministry of Home Affairs website: Click Here

For Details on the procedure, please refer the MHA User Guide

After submission of the application online, the applicants are required to submit hard copy of the online application form duly signed by the applicants in the space provided for signature and other supporting documents (as listed below) in original along with a self-attested photocopy set of the original documents at the Embassy. Part II of the online application form contains a declaration form. On the basis of information filled up in Part I, system itself generates Part II. The parent whose name appears in Part II of the online application form is required to submit the application in person at the Embassy and sign the declaration (in Part II of the online application form) before the Consular Officer.

Documents to be annexed with duly completed online application form:

  • Misc Consular Service Application form on Embassy Website
  • Application form filled on MHA website
  • Notarized copy of birth certificate of the child issued by the local authorities
  • Passport copy of both the parents (along with original)
  • Declaration from both parents (self-sworn) for the registration stating that you have neither applied nor obtained citizenship of any other country for the child
  • Marriage certificate copy
  • Copy of residence permit / DNI / cédula / precaria / visa,
  • 2 Photographs (5cmx5cm, white background) of the applicant (copies of original should be self-attested).
  • Applicable Fee.

If the application is made within one year of birth of child as per above-mentioned process and subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria as per Ministry of Home Affairs guidelines, the Embassy shall register the birth of the child as an Indian citizen and issue the Birth Registration Certificate.

In cases, where applications are made after one year of birth of child, the process is same. However, in such cases, a sworn affidavit executed before the Consular Officer of the Embassy from the parents stating the reason (s) for not registering the birth of the child at the Embassy within one year of birth of the child is also required to be submitted.

Please Note:

  • Name of the father and the mother entered in the Birth Certificate of the child should match with the names appearing in their passports.
  • The documents are mandatory requirements. The applicant (s) may be advised to submit some more documents, after scrutiny of the application and documents at the Consular Section, on case to case basis.
  • Applicants are advised to check that all fields in the online application form are filled in and prescribed documents are uploaded in conformity with instructions contained in the website of Ministry of Home Affairs at web link: Click Here. In case any deficiency is noticed by the Embassy in online application form and uploading of documents, the applicants would be required to fill up new application form rectifying the deficiency and submit the same at the Consular Section of the Embassy.